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Different needs of tents, different choices of buying


Choice of tent has been troubles for many outdoor campers. How to choose a tent has become a hassle. Tigerspring will tell you how to select a tent. Tents are classified to many types according to different needs, like camping, high mountain, beach, fishing, hunting, disaster relief, jungle, military and so on. Here mainly talking about the material and design of camping and mountaineering tents.

♦ The outer tent of camping and mountaineering usually adopts lightweight Polyester and Nylon fabric, so it’s convenient to carry. And the density of fabric can be improved. Upscale tent adopts 210T~300T (density); high density will relatively increase the ability of waterproof, but its silk need be thiner for higher density, so the intensity will decline.

♦ The coating of outer tent has many  types. Camping and mountaineering tents usually adopt PU, PE and coating silver, and PU is most ideal. The waterproof index of outer tent generally is 800~25000mm H2O, too high will impact the ventilation of the tents, foreign upscale tents are rarely more than 2500. And the waterproof index of tent is just dynamic waterproof indicators, not hydrostatic pressure indicators. 2500mm H2O is just instantaneous pressure; it is certainly to leak water if using 2500WC.

♦ Most of outer tents will be wet in the long time rain, then the design of the double tents reflect its advantages, the interior gathering water drops in the outer tent will slide to the ground (if the waterproofing property of outer tent is poor, when heavy rain, the interior water drops in the outer tent will directly drip to the inner tent).

♦ According to these features, the single layer tents are not recommended when selecting camping and mountaineering tents, because the drops in the single layer tent will fall into the tent. Tigerspring tent factory welcome you to inquiry and  purchase.