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Four points that we must note after using the tent


Tent factory Tigerspring Outdoor reminds you of placing tent rationally after using it, otherwise the life of the tent will be influenced.

1. After using the tent, in addition to cleaning the dust and attachments, we also should wipe off the water and gas on the two sides of the fabric. Keep the tent dry completely before folding storage. This point is very important. If not dry completely before storage, the fabric will be easy to mold and happen adhesion.

2. After the tent is folded and stored, try not to put other things on the tent, avoid making the bend of waterproof tape fatigue permanently and arise unglued phenomenon.

3. Take out the tent to dry regularly or irregularly (avoid direct sunlight) and refresh before folding storage, which can prevent the tent fabric from arising mold and adhesion, extend the life of the tent.

4. It is desirable to compress and store the tent with original carrying bag.