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The tent composition


A tent mainly consists of tent poles, outer tent, inner tent and tent nails. Its main indicators have size, height, weight, etc. Poles are used to holding up the tent cover and are divided into several sections to store. They can be picked up easily when using because of the elastic ropes in the poles. The strength of the poles is very important, once broken, a tent just is a bag. The weather of gusty winds and heavy snow is a big challenge for the tent poles which are the part that a tent easily breaks.

Tent pole materials generally are fiberglass and aluminum, and the strength of aluminum is higher. Inner tent is thinner. It can be putting up individually when the weather is good. The outer tent has no bottom, so the waterproofing property of interior tent bottom should be fine. Outer tent is wind-proof and rain-proof, and has different vestibule design. In general, putting up a tent, firstly tent poles worn on the inner tent, then holding up it, finally wearing the outer tent and fixing the earth nails; the other way is, spreading the inner tent flat out on the floor and tent poles crossed in four corners, firstly holding up the poles, wearing the outer tent to keep out the cold wind, then people coming in and hanging the inner tent onto poles. This two tents have different structure design. Tigerspring tents reasonable design give you happier camping life.