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Essential thing for camping – indispensable tent


For the people who like outdoor camping, the tent absolutely is indispensable thing. But now there are many types of tents on the market, how to get the appropriate tent? What differences do three-season tent and four-season tent have?

1. Relatively cold. We need better thermal performance, but the protagonist of this work is sleeping bags and sleeping mats, then what can the tent be done? Windproof - avoiding wind chill effect, which just can help to keep warm. But when take account of windproof, don’t forget that four-season tent is not only for winter. What if it is too stuffy in spring, summer and autumn? This is a problem to consider.

2. Heavy wind, snow likely. That need four-season tent that have stronger ability of wind resistance and snow resistance than three-season tent.

3. Relatively cold, snow likely. In this case, cooking, games, no matter what, people usually will take activities in the tent. So according to the design principles of the tent, the longer you stay in a tent, there should have a more comfortable space in the tent. Considering cooking sometimes, four-season tent should have spacious interior space and vestibule space. Relatively, four-season tent have larger space, and stronger ability to adapt for the bad environment.