inflatable-- quick opening camping tent

  • Model: inflatable---quick-opening-camping-tent-
  • Layer: double layer
  • Tent fabric: breathable Polyeste
  • Tent total open size: Length 620 cm (244 in) x Width 310 cm (122 in) x Height 200 cm (79 in)
  • Size of living room: Length 380 cm (150 in) x Width 310 cm (122 in)
  • Size of inner tent: Length 200 cm (79 in) x Width 300 cm (118 in)

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 1. TPU material airtight inflatable bracket, high strength, light weight, stable structure. Double-layer inflatable nozzle, good sealing, easy to inflate and deflate.

2. The space of the tent is very spacious. It comes with a inner tent which can accommodate 4 people. There is a removable curtain that can divide the inner tent into two rooms. The big living room can fit 5~6 people. And it has an integrated awning in the front of tent.

3. This tent comes with 3 doors (one door on the front, one door on the each side). All doors are equipped with mesh screens. And there are four large transparent windows in the living room for a good view. It has a ventilation window on the rear of the tent.

4. The top height of the tent is 200 cm (79 in). People can walk upright inside the tent.

5. When using the pump to inflate, don’t overcharge the air to avoid damaging the air column. The tent has 5 air columns that should be inflated one by one. It takes about 2 minutes to inflate all columns. +86 189 7134 3466
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