• solar power tent

TS-ST01 Solar Power Tent

  • Model: TS-ST01
  • Size: 250*150*105cm
  • Color: Dark gray and silver gray
  • Standard accessories: LED light 1PC, DC Fan 1PC
  • Soft solar panels: Amorphous silicon: 18V 45W (UNI-SOLAR-made in USA)
  • MOQ: 100PC

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1) The solar panel is detachable to the solar tent. When you clear the tent or in rainy day, you can move the solar panel.
2) Standard accessories include LED Light and Fan. When camping, they can be powered and used at the same time.
3) Exclusive battery to store the solar power, which has about 8 kinds of different voltage, can charger for laptop, phone and camera etc.
4) Solar panel in the solar tent receive the solar energy and send it to the inside battery, the inside battery battery store the solar energy. Then you can use the battery to charge for the LED Light, Fan, laptop, tablet(Ipad inc), phone(Iphone inc), camera and FWP other digital products.

Model TS-ST01
Size 250*150*105cm
Color Dark gray and silver gray
Weight 2.8kg
Standard accessories LED light 1PC, DC Fan 1PC
Soft solar panels Amorphous silicon: 18V 45W (UNI-SOLAR-made in USA)
Power bank battery(optional) SB-A01/SB-A01A: Capacity:12000ma/h Size/Weight:140x90x25mm/350g SB-A02/SB-A02A: Capacity:16000ma/h Size/Weight:140x90x25mm/450g BS-A01A: Capacity:20000ma/h Size/Weight:282x205x20mm/800g BS-A02A: Capacity:54000ma/h Size/Weight:282x205x20mm/1300g
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